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The MONON Business Car "The Lynne"

The Story Of The Car And The Move.

Getting it ready

Parts is parts?


Before the car could be moved, the entire brake system needed to be inspected and upgraded. Pete Pedigo and others worked on this. These photos, provided by Pete, show the parts that needed to be rebuilt and returned to the Monon before any movement was possible.


That's the sound of the men, working on the Monon.


Mark Majors of Sea Island Passenger Car Service from Bellevue, Ohio  Worked on the car for 4 days, removal of parts for overhaul and 3 days reinstalling.


Some Touch Up Work.


Touching up the Monon before the Monon is moved.

Baby Steps.


The car was moved 3500' with an end loader to get the car over this dump bridge so the locomotive would not have to cross it.  The bridge would have had to be inspected before the locomotive would have been able to get the car. So we saved some time by moving the car. The photo on the left shows the car waiting to be picked up.



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