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The MONON Business Car "The Lynne"

The Story Of The Car And The Move.


December 21, 2011


Getting ready to depart Jasper. -Stew Winstandley Photos-

Moving toward French Lick. -Stew Winstandley Photos-


Left: Gene Remaly enjoys the ride and view as he relaxes on a couch in the lounge. Center: A group of riders pose on the rear platform. Right: The presidents of the tow organizations now responsible for the car, Pete Pedigo of the Monon Society, left, And Alan Barnett of the Indiana Railway Museum, proudly pose on the rear platform. -Cecil J. Smith Photos-


Left: The car, being backed toward French Lick, approaches the entrance to the 2200-foot Burton Tunnel. -Cecil J. Smith Photo- Right: View from the rear door as the car rolls north. -George Carpenter III Photograph-


Left: Moby II as seem through the Shuttle Window. Center: Light fixture in the Main Compartment. Right: Scoop Smith snooping around. -George Carpenter III photos-


Left and Center: Gene Remaly. Right: Reminds me of a Credence Clearwater song for some reason.-George Carpenter III photos-


Left: Do-do-do, Looking out my backdoor. Center: From one of the bedrooms. Right: Peeling interior paint. -George Carpenter III photos-


Left, Center and Right: Deluxe Accomodations? If these walls could talk. What would they say? -George Carpenter III photos-


Left: Sink in one of the bedrooms. Center: Alien spacecraft? Nope Platform light. Right: On the platform. -George Carpenter III photos-


Left, Center and Right, Above and Below: Rolling through the Southern Indiana countryside. -George Carpenter III photos-



Left and Center: The Invisible Man enjoys the trip. Right: More through the rear door shots. -George Carpenter III photos-


Left, Center and Right: Clicking off the miles. -George Carpenter III photos-



Left: Stopping for pictures. Center and Right: Bill Lesburg and George Carpenter pose. -Pete Pedigo Photos-


Left and Center: George Carpenter and Cecil Smith on the platform. Right. Gene Remaly, Ron Marquardt, Rick Berg and George Carpenter. -Pete Pedigo photos-


Cecil Smith and Pete Pedigo affix the banner to the platform. -Stew Winstandley Photos-

George Carpenter III poses on the rear platform.


Left: A Stately name. Center: Caboose 81528. Right: A joining of two pieces of history. -George Carpenter III photos-


Left and Right: Don't they look good together? -George Carpenter III photos-


Taking her place at the Museum. -Rick Berg Photographs-



Monon Caboose 81528 and The Lynne reunited. -Stew Winstandley Photo-


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