Modeling The Monon

In Train Simulator

The the release of computer software like Microsoft's Train Simulator and Trainz opened up a whole new medium and world of modeling: cybermodeling. Microsoft Train Simulator (occasionally referred to as MSTS) is a train simulator developed for Microsoft Windows, released in July 2001 and developed by UK based Kuju Entertainment. The simulation allows players to operate a train on various routes in Europe, Asia and the United States. Players need to stop and start the train, couple cars, using the computer mouse, keyboard or a hardware addition such as Raildriver to operate the controls. Sound effects are enabled. Since its release MSTS, there have been other similar simulation games.

There has been many hours, days and years spent by talented designers modeling the equipment and the routes of many roads. These designers are indeed great modelers, just in a different medium. There is now the Monon Route version and available for Train Sim. We have posted some of their work here. As you can see, their work and attention to detail is first rate and considered second to none. Great going.

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