1967 IU / Purdue Football Special

The football special had 18 cars, a combination of Monon, Santa Fe, and Erie Lackawana equipment with both passenger C420s. The cars were a bit on the dirty side but, both of the C420's were spotless. When the train arrived in Bloomington, they unloaded the passengers at the Grimes Lane station and then took the train down by the roundhouse through the wye and up the old mill spur that crossed Walnut Street (South 37). Then they backed the train back across Walnut through the leg of the wye South of the roundhouse into McDoel yards and then pulled it back up to the station where it sat all afternoon until the game was over. Walnut Street did not have crossing flashers just a cross buck sign. Although they had flares in the road, when they started backing the train across Walnut some alert motorist came roaring down never expecting to see a train there. That event concluded with a rather spectacular sideways slide into the A &W Root Beer stand parking lot.

When the 1967 game was over and Purdue had lost 19 to 14, which sent the Indiana Hoosiers to the Rose Bowl. There was a Monon official apparently in charge of the train. When the train was reloading the official came up to the locomotive crew and told them to shut down the steam generators in both C420's. He told the crew "They're all going to be mad as Hell. I want to keep the train as cool as possible".




- Steven Dolzall -
(Dave Ritenour Photographs)

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