A Dick Vaughn Story

Not only was Dick Vaughn a good man and a conscientious worker, he was always good for a laugh and quite a prankster.  One of his favorite foils was Art Shipman, agent at Greencastle for several years.  Art always did things the same way, at the same time, every day.  One of his habits was that daily he would bring 2 fresh eggs from home, at a certain time he would get out his hotplate, pour some water in a pan, and cook the eggs.  He would then break them over the edge of the desk and eat hard boiled eggs.  One day Dick, who was car inspector stationed at Greencastle, brought a couple of fresh eggs from his home, and waited for Art's eggs to finish boiling.  When Art was distracted, Dick then substituted his fresh eggs for Art's hard boiled eggs.  He sat around for several minutes to watch Art break the eggs over the edge of the desk but Art was busy and didn't have time to eat his eggs.  Finally Dick had to get out and do some work.  Later that day Dick returned to the depot, expecting Art to chew him out royally for substituting the raw eggs.  But for quite some time Art didn't say a word.  Finally he said "Dick, the strangest thing happened to me today.  I always bring 2 fresh eggs from home.  I've used the same hotplate for years.  The water came from the same sink I've had here for years.  But today when I boiled my eggs for the same amount of time I've done it for years, I cracked them over the same desk I've used for years, they weren't done.  The eggs ran over and down the side of my desk and in the floor.  I had quite a mess to clean up.  I just don't understand what happened.  Guess I'll have to get a new hotplate."  


He never did figure that Dick had switched eggs.  I don't know if Dick ever told him or not. 

-Rick Dreistadt- 



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