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Annual Meeting conducts the
Official dedication of the Bloomington Memorial.

Saturday, May 22, 2010, the Bloomington Monon Memorial was officially dedicated in a ceremony prior to the regular May Board of Directors Meeting. The weatherman cooperated and we had a nice morning for the dedication. Unless otherwise noted, all photos courtesy of Warren Mitchell.


Left: Looking south along the new trail. Where once locomotives ran, now people walk, jog and bike.

Right: Informational display on the Monon near the memorial


Left: George Carpenter and Dan Seldin converse, Warren Mitchell and Mary Lou Taylor taking photos. Ron Marquardt and Bill Taylor.

Right: Seated is Mrs. Durnil, Ron Marquardt, Jim Davis, Jim Durnel (switchman), Steve Long, Bill ( brakeman and operator) and Mary Lou Taylor seated, John Butler, unidentified with back to camera, George Carpenter and Dan Selden.


Left: The crowd starts to gather. Looking north.

Right: Society members, Tom Kepshire, Rick Berg, Pete Pedigo, Joe Land and Justin Asbery wait for the ceremony to start.


Left: Dan Seldin sits and waits for the ceremony to begin.

Right: Dan and Frank share a word.


Left: Ron Marquardt, Monon Engineer 40 years, from Spencer, and Bill Taylor, Monon operator 20 years, Monon brakeman 20 years, from Cloverdale.

Right: Ron and Howard Bruce, Monon fireman, worked three or four years in the early 1960's and quit to go back to school.  From Bloomington. His father was a carknocker Knobby Bruce. 


Left: More former Monon men. L-R: Bob Banks, Willard Winters, Ron Marquardt and Frank Van Bree to the right.

Right: Mark Woods, his dad Arnie (deceased, was a brakeman-conductor and his uncle Eddie was a switchman). Mrs Woods, Arnie's wife. Howard Bruce (fireman, his dad was Knobby Bruce, car inspector). Webb Bruce (car inspector and cousin to Howard) Knobby's daughter, but I don't know her first names.-Information Courtesy Ron Marquardt.


Left: Frank Van Bree polishes up his speech while the people gather.

Right: Almost time to officially dedicate.


Left: Frank giving a short statement about the purpose and what the Monon meant to Bloomington and Indiana.

Right: Members of the Bloomington Memorial Committee unveil the memorial.


Left: Off comes the tarp and the memorial is officially dedicated.

Right: After comments by Memorial Committee Chairman George Carpenter III, Pete Pedigo made some comments about the Monon in Bloomington.


Left: Society Vice President comments on the significance of the memorial, Wa-wa-waaaaa.

Right: Ron Marquardt makes some comments on what the memorial means to him and other former Monon employees.


Left: The crowd listens as the speakers talk about the Monon.

Right: The Bloomington Memorial Committee, plus one. First row L-R:: Pete Pedigo, Frank Van Bree, George I Carpenter III. Back row L-R, Ken Weller, Tom Kepshire, Ron Marquardt (As a matter of record, all are seeking re-election.)

The results. The Bloomington Monon Memorial, dedicated to the men and women of the Monon Railroad.

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In the future, we would like to see more memorials like this erected up and down the former Monon Railroad.

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