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NEW Posting 01-28-2010

NEW The waybill the Monon Railroad  used to ship four locomotives, #30, #35, #37, and #207, and an idler car, back to EMD on 5/14/70.

Copy of a memo from Monon Railroad Vice President Of Traffic, Warren Brown to Freight Agents concerning the September 17, 1951 Monon Accident.

Before you could work for the Monon Railroad, you would first have to fill out an application for employment, also known as Form PD-442. If you were a minor, your parents would need to fill out a Form 1156.

If you were injured on the job, while employed by the Monon Railroad, then you, or your Supervisor, would need you to complete Form 27.

When you quit, retired or left the railroad, your Supervisor would need to complete and send in Form 253 Personal Record Of Employee - Report Of Change In Status. (Note: Social Security numbers have been removed to protect the individual mentioned on the form.)

How about a letter from the Monon Office Of Operation Accountant to all Roadway And Engineering Department Personnel, dated December 29, 1948


1969 Annual Report

Form 1287 Locomotive Inspection Report & LNA&C Form 20

Monon Passes

Additional Monon Passes

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Thompson Fowler's Lifetime pass, signed by Pres. Coleman.
Note the wallet wear from other cards.

Pass Number 2, Issued To A. H. Greenly


Pass Issued To J. W. Shafer, Lake Erie & Western R.R.


Pass Issued In 1958-1959 To L.L. Wood Signal Helper.


Pass Issued In 1900 To E. E. Smythe, Kansas City, Pittsburg & Gulf R. R.


Trip Pass Issued To David Runyon In 1949. David's Father Karl Was The Shelby Depot Agent


Trip Pass Issued In 1945 For Helen And David Runyon.


1962-1965 Pass issued to retired trackman James Hash. Note under the circle M logo the addition of "The Road On The Move."

-Courtesy Justin Asbery Collection-

Louisville, New Albany & Chicago Railway Co. pass from 1884. View the letter from John Barriger to the family.
-Courtesy Of Tim Swan, From His Collection.-

Lifetime passes for Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cassman.
-Courtesy Gene Cassman-


Stock Reciepts

NEW 07-14-2005 This is the oldest known document of the New Albany & Salem Railroad. Dated April 17, 1849, it a reciept for the first installment on five shares of stock. Also is a letter from 1947 from John Barriger to Mrs Effa Cosner, who donated the document. This a copy. The original was donated by Tim Swan to the Depot Museum At Salem, where it is currently on display. This copy is courtesy of Tim Swan.

Stock Certificates










Blank Certificate #1


Blank Certificate #2


Bedford and Bloomfield Stock Certificate


Checks And Vouchers


NEW 07-14-2005 Left: Pay Voucher, Dated April 1860, from the New Albany & Salem Railroad and letter from 1947 on the possible interest in the voucher for the Centennial celebration. Right: Two more 1860 vouchers from the Louisville, New Albany and Chicago Railroad and letter from 1947. -Courtesy Tim Swan-

NEW 07-14-2005 Louisville, New Albany & Chicago payroll check, circa 1894 for $.63. Yep, sixty three cents. Hope the employee did not spend it all in one place. I wonder what that would equate to in dollars in 2005? -Courtesy Of Tim Swan, From His Collection-

Check to the Deepwater Railroad Company, April 27, 1906

NEW 07-12-2006


Here is something found in the Archives at Linden. A booklet of Excess Valuation Stamps. Left: Cover of the booklet. Right: One page of stamps. These stamps were purchased by passengers. The booklet was intact with no stamps missing. According to Mahlon Eberhard these stamps were sold in the larger stations, like Chicago, Louisville, Bloomington, Indianapolis, Lafayette, Greencastle and Crawfordsville. They were used when the passenger wanted added insurance on items being shipped. This provided additional coverage in the event of a loss. They were purchased when the ticket was purchased and the baggage checked. These stamps are circa early 1950's. There was also Excess Baggage Stamps booklets too.




Red And Gray Ticket Folder


Reverse Side Of Ticket Folder


Gold Coach Ticket, Round Trip


Green Coach Round Trip Ticket


Red Family Coach Fare Round Trip Ticket









Clergy Ticket, September 10 1894 Brookston to Monon. Courtesy of Gene Cassman

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Monon - Santa Fe Super Chief Ticket



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