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Monon DS-50 Restoration Work Update 3-26-2022

Update by Les Beckman
Mar 26, 2022

(Photos by Les Beckman except where noted.)

Tom Rainford (left) and John Melnik try to read the Pyle-National
manufacturers plate on the replacement headlight casing for the DS-50.

Les Beckman cleans the headlight ring on the replacement headlight (Mike Cierski photo).

Mark Belmonte watches Kevin Kennedy as he starts the cleanup of one of the DS-50 air tanks.

Ben Harleman continues the needle scaling of the old black paint off of the SW-1.

The front pilot plate of the DS-50 is needle scaled by David Miller.

Monon DS-50 Restoration Work Update 4-9-2022

Update by Les Beckman
April 9, 2022

Had four of us needlescaling old paint at times on DS-50 today; Mark Belmonte, David Miller, Les Beckman and Kevin Kennedy.

Photo is of Kevin working on the frame on the engineers side of the SW1.

Photo by Les Beckman.

Kevin Kennedy came in today (Sunday, April 10th) to finish needlescaling on the frame on the engineer's side of the DS-50.

Kevin Kennedy Collection.

Monon DS-50 Restoration Work Update 4-23-2022

Update by Les Beckman
April 23, 2022

Spring Day at HVRM

Some photos from today at Hoosier Valley:

Shot number 1 shows Mark Belmonte looking under the replacement cab which will be used for Monon DS-50, as Jason Jordan, David Miller and Joe Kingsbury (left to right) look on.

Second photo shows the new thick wood floorboards earmarked for the replacement cab.

David Miller cleaned up debris in the replacement cab and the results on the fireman's side are seen in the 3rd photo.

Monon DS-50 and Caboose 81551 Restoration Work Update 4-30-2022

Update by Les Beckman
April 30, 2022

New photos from April 30, 2022 at the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum:

First photo shows the museum's S1 ALCO pushing Monon transfer caboose 81551 toward the Shop.

Once inside the Shop, Ken Davenport is shown in the 2nd shot, removing the protective tarp from the 81551.

Ken is seen in the 3rd photo, trying to remove one of the welded shut widows in the 81551.

The 4th photo is evidence that Ken was successful in removing not just one welded shut window, but also a second one!

Meanwhile, John Melnik was given the job of cutting out the cab sides of C.I.L. DS-50 (photo number five) for preservation.

The 6th shot shows the two cut out sides; one sitting in front of the other.

In our last report, we showed the fireman's seat inside the replacement cab for DS-50. David Miller, Mark Belmonte and Les Beckman struggled with getting that fireman's seat out of the cab and were finally successful, as can be seen in the 7th photo. David and Mark also removed a piece of screwed down plywood from the floor on the engineer's side of the replacement cab.

Monon DS-50 and Caboose 81551 Restoration Work Update 5-7-2022

Update by Les Beckman
May 7, 2022

New photos for Monon Caboose 81551 from May 7, 2022 at the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum:

Here is a photo of Ken Davenport working on 81551 at Hoosier Valley today. This past week, Ken removed all of the fixed windows, broken or welded in place, put some red paint around them, and made arrangements for replacement glass for all of the windows.

New photos for the DS-50 from May 7, 2022 at the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum:

Photo 1 shows the empty track in the West Annex of the Shop where DS-50 has been sitting since her arrival at the museum.

Photo 2 shows the unit sitting outside the West Annex.

As John Wotkun watches, David Miller is seen in the 3rd shot using a Sawsall to cut the old wood flooring out of DS-50's replacement cab.

In the 4th photo, David is seen removing some of the old wood flooring.

In the afternoon, the replacement cab is moved into the Shop and placed at the end of the empty track (5th photo).

The 6th shot shows the DS-50 back on its West Annex shop track with the replacement cab positioned in place behind it.

Monon DS-50 Restoration Work Update 7-16-2022

Update by Les Beckman
July 16, 2022

Here are some shots at Hoosier Valley of the fuel tank of Monon DS-50 over the past months.

Here Kevin Kennedy is starting to remove old paint and rust back in late February.

In early March, the fuel tank was set on its side for better access.

Here it shows Mark Belmonte doing some cleaning on 3/19/22.

The tank was eventually completely cleaned and then primed by Kevin. Here it shows
the tank on July 16, 2022, after Kevin had given it its final coat of black paint. It's now ready
to go back on the unit when the time comes!

The Monon projects continue ongoing at Hoosier Valley!

Much more still to do, but we're getting there!

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