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Monon DS-50 Restoration Work Update 7-23-2022

Update by Les Beckman
July 23, 2022

July 23rd, 2022 and Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum member Kevin Kennedy primes another part for Monon # DS-50. Not sure exactly what it is? Well, it's one of the sand boxes from the destroyed cab of the SW1. After the primer is completely dry, a coat of black will be applied. And then the sand box from the other side of the cab will get the same treatment. Sometime down the road, both sand boxes will find their way back to the restored DS-50.

Monon DS-50 Restoration Work Update 12-12-2022

Update by Les Beckman
December 12, 2022

Here is Kevin Kennedy's work on December 12th priming DS-50's sand boxes. As you can see, he still had one side to prime and then he could give the box a final coat of black paint.

Here are the sandboxes Kevin finished in the foreground and painted prime color of the fuel tank to Monon diesel in background. 

Monon DS-50 Restoration Work Update 1-14-2023

Update by Les Beckman
January 14, 2023

Here's a photo of the recently painted fuel tank of the DS-50. Note in a recent photo, that this section of the tank was in primer but had not yet received its black paint. HVRM member Kevin Kennedy applied the paint.


Monon DS-50 Restoration Work Update 2-25-2023

Update by Les Beckman
February 25, 2023

HVRM President Todd Flanigan doing some recent needlescaling of the sandbox wall of Monon SW1 diesel # DS-50.

John Melnik cutting some of the rusty bolts today, next to the sandbox on the DS-50.

John and Todd are discussing plans for attaching the replacement cab to the DS-50.

Don Phillips is seen putting some new bolts temporarily into the holes
where the replacement cab will eventually be attached to the DS-50.

John is smoothing the rough edges of the replacement cab.

Tom Rainford is seen inside the replacement cab removing wood trim from around the rear cab door.
The wood trim for the windows on both sides of this door, were also removed.


Monon DS-50 Restoration Work Update 3-11-2023

Update by Les Beckman
March 11, 2023

Ashton Stasko tried to pull in a bowed wall rear cab wall of the sandbox on DS-50. This was not successful and eventually
Mark Belmonte got a track jack up onto the cab floor and into the battery box and we were able to straighten out the wall
enough so that Ashton could weld the wall into place.

Ashton up on the DS-50's cab floor, making the weld. Note the replacement cab for the DS-50 in the background.

Todd Flanigan making a weld in the cab door of the replacement cab.

This shows the bar that Todd welded into place in the cab door of the replacement cab.
This was done so that the back end of the cab will not spread when it is eventually lifted into place on the DS-50.

Monon DS-50 Restoration Work Update 3-18-2023

Update by Les Beckman
March 18, 2023

HVRM's Kevin Kennedy sent these two photos of his work priming the floor and sand box wall of DS-50 at North Judson today.
Second coat of primer and then finish coat of black, will be applied.
A wood floor will eventually cover this so it won't be visible, but good to know that the steel has been protected.

The Monon projects continue ongoing at Hoosier Valley!

Much more still to do, but we're getting there!

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