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The MONON Business Car "The Lynne"

The Business Car "The Lynne" is back on Monon rails at the Indiana Railway Museum.

The long awaited day has arrived. The Monon, formerly the Lynne and Business 2 is back on Monon rails at the Indiana Railways Museum in French Lick. Plenty of new photos and video clips are on the Picture pages and Video Clips page below. We will add photos and videos as they arrive. Thank you to all who attended the ceremony and submitted photos and videos.

What a great job, by many people, to help bring this project to a conclusion. Their behind the scenes work and the generousity of the Brown Family can never be fully appreciated. The Society has a chance to save this piece of Monon Railroad history.

Down the road there will be a great need for volunteers, willing and able to help restore this car for generations to follow. If you can not be present to help, then help out with a donation. Any important information will be posted on the web site and the MONON Board.

1987 "The Lynne" THL Article

The Story Of The Car And The Move.


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