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On April 13, 1837, John Felps (Phelps), Alexander Mills, Seth Green, and Daniel Warren, laid out the Town of Bethlehem. The plat contained a total of fourteen lots. The area, previously inhabited by Delaware (Miami) Indians, soon became inhabited by Quakers. As a wilderness it was known for its fur trading. The first General Store was constructed in 1837. In 1845, a framed school house building was constructed near the Town's crossroads. In 1846, a Post Office was established. It was, at this time, the town residents were notified that the United States Post Office already had another town registered by the name of Bethlehem in Indiana. Consequently, in 1874, by a referendum vote of 33 in favor and 12 against, the town was officially incorporated and adopted the name "Carmel."

In 1882, rails of the Monon Railroad were laid through Carmel, and a depot was opened in 1883. The railroad depot remained open until 1974. The Carmel-Clay Historical Society has turned the former depot into a museum and offices for the Carmel Clay Historical Society.

Train 11, southbound coming into Carmel. The train is passing under U.S. 31.






Welcome to Carmel, Indiana.-Carmel Historical Museum Collection-


NEW 03-31-2010 Left: Carmel's First Fire Truck, unknown date. Right: Downtown Carmel, west Main Street. circa 1967. Looks like the water towner is being taken down. -Carmel Historical Museum Collection-


NEW 03-31-2010 Left: The year is 1908. Looking down the right of way. Right: Carmel elevator, date unknown. -Carmel Historical Museum Collection-

NEW 03-31-2010 Carmel, unknown date. Workers pose with flat car loaded with logs. -Carmel Historical Museum Collection-





NEW 03-31-2010 Union Traction Line near Carmel. This Interurban line crossed the Monon's Indianapolis Branch near Carmel. -Monon Railroad Historical-Technical Society Collection-




NEW 03-31-2010 Group of hunters outside the depot, 1905. This hunting party, may be heading to the hunting clubs of the Kankakee River. -Carmel Historical Museum Collection-






NEW 03-31-2010 Left: Monon depot at Carmel with Baggage Person. Unknown date. Right: Depot Agent outside depot, circa 1930 -Carmel Historical Museum Collection-

NEW 03-31-2010 Southbound Train 11 at Carmel. Unknown date. -Carmel Historical Museum Collection-






Photo Right: The Carmel Depot, circa April of 1949.


The Carmel depot showing its age.






Left: Carmel, Indiana. Date unknown, however, based on knowledge of when passenger service was discontinued, a fair guess would be sometime in 1959. Right: Carmel depot, October 5, 1976. Depot is in sad shape.


Left and Right: More views of the Carmel, Indiana depot. Left, circa 1979. Right: Circa 1976.


The end of a northbound freight at Carmel, Indiana. Mid 1960's.





Carmel 2004


Carmel 2004. The former mainline has been converted into a walking/ exercise trail known as the "Monon Trail. Carmel is the northern terminus of the trail at present. Left: Part of the trail, looking south. Right: Looking to the south along the trail/ mainline downtown Carmel. The former depot, now a museum, is off the the right.


Left: Carmel Depot, currently a museum. Right: Carmel Elevator, once a source of revenue for the Monon.


Another shot of the former Monon depot, now the home to the Carmel Clay Historical Society and Museum.





NEW 03-31-2010 The Depot today. A new coat of paint make the depot look new. -Carmel Historical Museum Collection-





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