Tom's Bygone Monon Intelligence Agency (BMIA)

Formerly known as Contributors.....

The volume of work that you have been viewing started as a hobby and a way to pass the time to and from visits to my ailing Mother, who when this work started taking wings, was hospitalized in Hammond, Indiana.

Since then, we have grown and expanded to the present web site. There have been so many people who have contributed pictures or information on places all along the former Monon Route. These individuals I now consider my Bygone Monon Intelligence Agency (BMIA).

As time marches on, I hope people who have contributed pictures and information that are not listed here will please contact me, so I can add them to this page. I am proud of the work and time that I have put into this "hobby" and web site. It has been worth every minute I have spent working on it. This is one way I can acknowledge those people who have encouraged and helped me.

Mary And Edward Kepshire
John And Ethel Hepp
John, Carol And Donna Kepshire
Carol, Rebecca and Alani Kepshire
Tom Rankin
Mahlon Eberhard
Tim Swan
Ronald Marquardt
Dave Ritenour
Frank Van Bree
Cecil J. Smith
George Carpenter III
Rick Berg
George W. Hilton
Steve Dolzall
Gary Dolzall
George Lortz
Kevin Ruble
Kevin Heggi
Robert Wheeler
Steve Long
Lloyd J Kimble
Elmer G. Sulzer
Peggy And George Perazzo
Brian Holt
Moe Bertrand
Kenneth Weller
Curtis Wininger
Chris Starnes
Chris Kilroy
E. M Bell
J. M Berdette
Richard Baldwin
George Sennhauser
W. A Akin Jr.
John Strombeck
Jeff Strombeck
Mike Schafer
John Fuller
Ron Stuckey
Malcolm McCarter
Mike AufderHeide
J. Parker Lamb Jr.
Mark Stanek
George Elwood
Dennis Schmidt
Jim Boyd
Jim Baker
Darlene Rigg, Lowell Library
Richard Schmall
Cedar Lake Police Department
Gene Cassman
Al Chicone
Hershall Van Sickle
Gordon Lloyd
Wanatah Historical Society
Mike Flemming
Gene Remaly
Gregory Jancosek
David Runyon
Donald Cripe
Jim Davis
Museum Of The Red Cedars
Max Foltz
Tom Smart
Randy Moore
George W. Hockaday
Matthew J Herson
John Stigall
Tim Wooton
Joseph Testagrose
Richard Bowen
Brian Capcouch
Jack Kroft
Dale Ward
William Smith
Robert Albert
Andy Laurent
Fred Jeffers
Cedar Lake Conference Center
Dave McCauley
Charles Huffer
Emery Gulash
Sandy Goodrick
Gary Clark
St. John Historical Society
Tri-Creek Historical Society
Janet Hunley
Harold Hueson
Jasper County Historical Society
Michael Bresnahan
Joseph Kriby
Dave Randolph
Dave Ferguson
Dalton Young
Terry Hand
Frank Summers
Mark Baker
Chris Stanek
Monon Railroad Historical Tecchnical Society
Harold Stirton
Tom Douglas
Frank Garon
J.D. Santucci
John Eagan
Gerald Widemark
Roger Puta
Carol Karlson
John F.Humiston
Chad Quick
Carroll County Historical Society
Robert Brookbank
A. B. Wang
Indiana State Library
Wayne Gorham
Brian Sok
Samuel Reynolds
Rob Clendening
Lance Mindheim
Robert Hoole
Pete Petigo
Donald Kaegebein
Tony Diaz
Kevin Byrne
Linden Madison Township Museum
Bob Schultz
Joseph Land
Marvin Allen
Steve Stafford
Thomas McCain
Justin Asbery
Jim Wolfe
Misty Weisensteiner
Craig Zeni
Jerry Carson
Frank G Tatnall
John G. Williams Jr.
Owen Leander
J. David Ingles
Richard Wallin
Charles M. Clegg
Charles & Betty Hucker
Scott Wellington
James Dumbsky
Melissa Duncan
Marianne Nordberg
Dugger Coal Museum
Robert Maxwell
Dr. Louis Marre
Dyer Historical Society
Lowell Susdorf
Dick Fontaine
Warren Mitchell
Geoffery Burns
Bob Meyers
Louis Rague
Scott Pinnick
Thomas Pinnick
Mont Switzer
Mark Johnson
Edward Rickert
Monon Connection Museum
Salem Depot Museum
Chad Boas
Robert Sobotka
William Lewis
Lawerence Turnquist
Betty Smith
Rick Dreistadt
Kameron Miller
Skip Breyfogle
Edwin Ward
Paoli Historical Museum
Mike Albert
Montomery County Historical Society
Jason Powers
Gerald Born
Kankakee Valley Historical Society
Starke County Historical Museum
Roger Nulton
Sharon Eberhard
Jim Smith
John Butler
Amy Butler
Jim Craig
Kurt Pearson
John Pickett
Bob Lalich
Tom Golden
Tom Bedwell
Marc Malenkoff
Marty Bernard
Jack Smith
Linton Moss
Stewart Michard
Carol Oostman
Joseph Scherschel
Richard Fontaine DDS
Harry Zillmer
Jay Williams
Ann Zimmerman
Keith Greasby Jr.
Steve Hill
John Hill
Chester Gaugh/ Patia Gaugh
Jerry Dirinski
Linda Dirinski
Franklin Cyphers
Kenneth Smith/ Chuck Smith
Frankfort Place On Facebook
John Holmgren
Cynthia Pence Cox
William Schnaiter
Barriger Library

Again, chances are I have left someone off the list. Everyone listed has contributed in some fashion, large or small. I am deeply grateful for all you have done to help me. I am indeed in you debt.

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