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Left and Right: Deer Creek trestle, circa 1990. This bridge, also known as the High Bridge, spans Deer Creek, and is 1300 feet in length.

Rebuilding the High Bridge. Photo is circa 1915 and is one of many great photos at the Carroll County Historical Museum's Web Site.




Right: High Bridge, circa 1950's.





May 3, 1980. Deer Creek/ High Bridge.






Left: The High Bridge as seen from the keft side of the cab of an RS2. Right: And as seen from the right side of the cab.

Deer Creek Trestle, also known as High Bridge. Date unknown.


Deer Creek Bridge 2004 and 2006


On the way to the 2004 Monon Railroad Historical-Technical Society Annual Meeting and Convention, I was able to cross another place off my "wandering list." The Deer Creek, or High Bridge. Thanks to Tom Rankin for acting as the tour guide. Left: Looking to the railroad south across the bridge. Yes, it is very high. Right: About one third of the way across, I turned and snapped this picture of the north end of the bridge. For some reason, I was only able to get about half way across. Not sure why, just did not feel comfortable that morning. Later I did cross the Wild Cat Creek bridge. Weird.

Another view of the Deer Creek bridge, looking to the southeast, I believe. (Tom Rankin will correct me if I am wrong.)





2006 Pictures


The High Bridge 2006. Left: Looking railroad south across the High Bridge. Right: Standing on the railroad south end of the High Bridge looking toward Delphi. During this trip I was able to walk across the bridge. Then, later in the day I learned that the south end of the bridge is accessable by vehicle.


Left: The south end of the bridge and abutments. Right: Looking towards the railroad north at the High Bridge. The view of Deer Creek from this side was obscured by the trees.


Left: Another shot of the bridge looking back towards the railroad north and Delphi. Right: Close up of trestle bents and bridge details.


Left and Right: More views of the High Bridge.


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