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Left: Delphi depot, May 31, 1966. You are looking north along the mainline. Right: Another look at a well worn Monon depot and the mainline looking railroad north.


Demolition of the Delphi Depot, March 1977. -Photos are courtesy of the Carroll County Historical Museum-



August 1949. Pictured is the Wabash River bridge during its rebuilding.






  Left: Wabash River bridge, April 7, 1981. Looking north.





Steam locomotive 441 near the Monon depot at Delphi, circa 1920. Note water spout for the water tank.


Loading ramps once used by the Monon. Taken April 3, 1981






Left and Right: Electric Light Company, 1900. This building sat across from the Wabash Railroad depot. In the picture to the right, the water tank pictured is that of the Monon.


Left and Right: These photos were taken during my 2004 visit to Delphi. I did not post them because I was not sure what this building formerly was. Now that I know, they have been added.


Left: Delphi, October 6, 1976. Both the Monon and Wabash mainlines pictured. Looking south towards the elevator. Right: April 5, 1981. Looking north from the crossing. Monon mainline is to the right, former Wabash is to the left.

Looking to the south. April 5, 1981. Monon main is to the right and Wabash main is on the left.






Left: March 1982, Globe Valve Company on left. Peter Remington plant to the right.




Left, Right and Below: For you Wabash Railroad fans. The depot at Delphi, circa 1981.


MP B 115.8 2nd Subdivision -



Harley Siding, March 30, 1981. Harley was located South of Delphi near Indiana Highway 18 East heading toward Flora. The North switch was at this highway crossing. It was removed in the late 70's early 80's. It was used in the steam era for doubling out of the Wabash River Valley going South toward Indianapolis. Left: Looking south at Harley along the main. Right: Looking to the north.


March 30, 1981 Harley Siding. Sohigro Fertilizer plant, looking to the north.






Left: Looking along the mainline 1977. Right: Lead into the fertilizer plant. Looking to the north.

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