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M.P. B 136.0 - 2nd Subdivision - Fn

Brothers John, William and Nicholas Pence, previously of Warren County, Ohio, settled on the land on which Frankfort now stands in 1829 and entered it from the government in 1827 and 1828. In 1830, the brothers donated 60 acres of the land to the county commissioners, a donation which led to the establishment of the county seat at that site rather than in Jefferson, a community which had also been vying for the honor. The new town was named Frankfort at the brothers' request.

The town of Frankfort was laid off on the 60 acre tract by William Douglass, the county agent, and the plat filed on June 8, 1830. The original plat consisted of 64 lots in eight blocks surrounding a public square where the courthouse now stands.

Clinton County Courthouse, Frankfort, Indiana. Circa 1950's.





Street scene, Frankfort 1913. This scene is the east side of the courthouse sqaure.





The Coulter Hotel. This hotel stood on the Southeast corner of Jackson and Clinton Street in downtown Frankfort. The Sears Store was right beside on Clinton. The building was torn down in the late 1960's. -Frankfort Place Collection-





Left: The Roxy Theater, West side of Main Street between Walnut and Clinton. You are looking south along Main Street. Right: Sinclair Station at Walnut and Columbia. -Frankfort Place Collection-

Looking East on Walnut Street from Jackson Street. The two large buildings are the old high school. There was a tunnel under the street for the students. The brick building is gone and the big stone structure is now City Hall. . Frankfort Place Collection-






Local drive ins and hang outs. Left: The Campus Castle. A kind of Fonzie place. On Walnut Street near the High School. Right: Georgy Progies, another teen hangout on the south side of town near the fairgrounds. -Frankfort Place Collection-

City Of Frankfort Power and Light Company. Located on E. Washington Avenue. Coal was delivered to the plant via the Nickel Plate. The building is now just a memory. -Frankfort Place Collection-





Ingram Richardson Company. The Nickel Plate yard is in the background. This company enameled steel bath tubs and sinks in the 1950 and 1960's before china sinks and fiberglass bathtubs. Was the site of a huge EPA cleanup in the 1990's. -Frankfort Place Collection-




Hoosierland Roller Rink. Located in the T.P.A. Park (Travelers Protection Agency donated the land or money for the park.) on the northside of the city. Today there is also a Nickel Plate caboose in the Park. -Frankfort Place Collection-






Left and Right: Looking north along Main Street at Clinton. Picture on the right is circa 1950's. -Frankfort Place Collection-


Left: Northside of the courthouse square, 1950's. Right: Spencer's Market, on the southside of town near the fairgrounds. Locally owned grocery. -Frankfort Place Collection-


Left: Early Pennsylvania Railroad Frankfort Depot. This depot was the first PRR depot. South of Walnut, across from Art's Drive In. There was a tunnel under the tracks. In later years the next PRR depot was east of the Nickel Plate and then was just a freight house. -Geof Burns Collection- Right: Vice President Candidate Richard Nixon visit Frankfort. The train is southbound just across the Nickel Plate diamond. The locomotive is near the Monon diamond. Kramer Lumber Company is the building in the background. -Frankfort Place Collection-


Left: Frankfort depot, May 2, 1981. Right: Another look at the Frankfort depot, also circa 1981.

Shot of the Monon depot taken from the gas station west of the tracks. Frankfort Place Collection-

Students wait for at the Frankfort Depot for a trip to Chicago 1957. -Pete Pedigo Collection-


Left: Sixth graders wait on the platform at Frankfort for the arrival of Train #12 for their trip to Chicago. Right: Students await the arrival of Train #12 at Frankfort, 1955. -Pete Pedigo Collection-


Left: Train #12 arrives at Frankfort, 1955. Right: Students line up to board the train for their trip to Chicago. -Pete Pedigo Collection-


Left and Right: October 6, 1976. The Frankfort depot, front and rear views. Looks like the building was in need of repairs and some upkeep.


March 7, 1959, The Tippecanoe approaches the depot. After a short station stop it will cross both the Pennsylvania and the Nickel Plate mainline. Frankfort produced considerable tonnage for the Monon. Two of the biggest customers: California Packing and Swift & Company.





Steam locomotive #422 on the Hoosier at Frankfort, February 1932.







Left: August 13, 1945, Train 31, the southbound Hoosier begins to roll out of Frankfort, Indiana behind K-4 Pacific #432. The Monon only operated one Chicago to Indianapolis train by this date. Right: K-2 at Frankfort, circa 1932. Photo courtesy of Tim Swan.


Two shots looking south at Frankfort. These shots look as if they were taken from the tower. Looking south towards the depot.



Left: Northbound passgenger has just crossed the Nickle Plate, unknown date. Right: Looking along the mainline in Frankfort.


Left: The Hoosier arrives at Frankfort on its way to Indianapolis. Right: Observation #72 on The Hoosier, Frankfort. 1949. -John Pickett photographs-


Left and Right: The Southbound Hoosier arrives at Frankfort. This location is north of the Nickel Plate diamonds. 1949. -John Pickett Photos-


Left and Right: Additional photos of the train. -MRHTS Archives Collection-

Working at Frankfort. This BL-2 was switching in Frankfort in summer 1949 or 1950.  The Nickel Plate train is westbound and will enter a major yard after it crosses the Monon diamond. -John Pickett photograph-






BL2's at Frankfort, Indiana, circa 1949. Left: Milepost B 136, passing Indiana Brass. Right: #34 crossing the diamonds. -John Picket photographs.-


Train 12 has just left the depot and continues on its southward journey to Indianapolis.






Frankfort, Indiana, circa 1950's. RS2 pulling a passenger special through Frankfort. It is about to cross the Nickel Plate mainline. Train is southbound.







Chicago Railfan Excursion at Frankfort. Left: Near the Nickle Plate crossing. Right: North of the depot. -Stephen Davidson photographs, courtesy of Steve Dolzall-

83A on the lead of Train #12 as it crosses the Nickel Plate diamonds at Frankfort, early 1950's. -Vern Sargent Photo-






Left: Another look at the Monon - Nickel Plate crossing and tower at Frankfort. You are looking west along the Nickel Plate.








Right: Looking along the mainline Frankfort. Date unknown. Note handcart on track.







FM H10-44 #18 working at Frankfort, Indiana. Circa 1954.








Left: Northbound freight approaching the Nickle Plate crossing, 1970. Right: High nose C-420 #501 on lead of freight southbound at Frankfort, Indiana, circa 1971.


Left: November 13, 1979. Pictured is the former Nickle Plate roundhouse. At the time of the photo, it was part of the Norfork Western. Right: Nickle Plate/ Monon crossing.



Left: April 3, 1981. Looking south along the former Monon mainline at Frankfort. Right: Looking south along the mainline. Street running in Frankfort.


Left: November 1979. Industrial sites in Frankfort. Pictured at left is a warehouse. No company name was listed on the photo, or location. Right: November 1979. The Del Monte Company plant at Frankfort.


November 1979. Frankfort Co-Op Elevator. This area was also known as McBrides at one time. The Monon crossed the THI&E and the tower-depot-substation sat at this location.





Frankfort Today


Left: May 2004. The former Nickle Plate roundhouse and turntable still remain. Right: Former location of the Monon depot on Walnut Street. One can still see the scar of where the tracks once crossed Walnut.


Left: July 2004. Looking toward the north along the former mainline through Frankfort. The depot would have been where the modern looking building now sits. Right: Looking to the south from Walnut street. You can see where the crossing once was. You can also still see where the tracks ran in the streets south of this location.


Left: After leaving the depot on Walnut Street, the mainline ran down 5th Street for a short distance. South of Armstrong the line curved. Pictured is the former right of way where it starts the curve. Right: Another look at the former mainline south of Armstrong Street.

Downtown Frankfort, circa July 2004. Like many cities that are also the county seat, the Clinton County Courthouse sits in the middle of the downtown.





East side of the courthouse square, Frankfort.






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