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MP 265.1 5th Subdivision -


Liepsic, Indiana. Old bank building in Liepsic, November 1979.





Southbound CP freight at Liepsic, August 2000.






Left: June 24, 2004, CSX freight at Liepsic, Indiana on the former Monon mainline. B. Holt Photograph. Right: May 04, 2003, GE C40-8W (Dash 8-40CW) #7879 Eastbound CSX manifest passes the semaphores at the MP 265.6. Moe Bertrand Picture.

Liepsic 2005


Left: Looking to the RR south along the main from downtown Liepsic. Right: Looking RR north along the main.

Trackside structure at Liepsic.





M.P. 267.2 - 5th Subdivision -

The Turner Station Depot. This depot was at M.P. 267.2. Turners was listed on some LNAC timetables at M.P. 267.8. It last appeared on Timetable #33, 1875. Photo Cecil Smith Collection/ The Depot Museum At Salam-







October 12, 1973. Wreck at Turner. A truckload of lumber tried to beat the train at the Highway 60 crossing. The tractor got across, but the lead unit whacked the trailerload of lumber, reducing it to toothpicks while also derailing all the diesels and several cars. -Photo Right: Mahlon Eberhard Collection-


M.P. 270.0 - 5nd Subdivision -



From The Salem Depot Museum Collection. Left: Looking up the tracks at Saltillo. Year 1920. Right: Unidentified members of a track gang pose in front of the Saltillo depot. Again exact date is unknown. Both images appear to be from the early 1900's.


Saltillo 1920's. These images are courtesy of Ken Weller. Ken does not claim ownership, nor does he know the original photographer. Left: The depot and freight in and around it, circa 1920. Right: Railroad crossing at store in Saltillo, circa 1920.

Saltillo, Indiana, mainline circa 1977. Not sure if looking to north or south.




Saltillo 2005


Mainline at Saltillo.







Left: Looking to the RR south from the crossing. Right: Looking back (RR north) towards Liepsic.


M.P. 271.8 - 5nd Subdivision - Ca


Campbellsburg, Indiana. Exact date unknown. There is speculation that this gathering was for a 1918 war bond rally. -MRHTS Archives Collection -






Campbellsburg Depot. Left: Postcard of the depot. Date unknown, however, does appear similar to those of the 1910-20's. Right: Depot circa 1950.

Another shot of the depot at Campbellsburg. Man pictures was the agent at the time. His name escapes me.




Campbellsburg, first known as Buena Vista, was started by John Pollard and named after the Battle of Buena Vista in the Mexican War. It was surveyed and platted on August 31, 1849, by John I. Morrison.


Depot, another view -MRHTS Photo Archives-


Left Above: Medlock's Cafe, Campbellsburg, date unknown. Right Above: Businesses in downtown. Below: Former depot site, circa 1962. -Lloyd Kimble Photographs-


East Oak Street in Campbellsburg, early 1900's.




Left: Local freight passing through Campbellsburg. A wigway signal does its job as the train approaches the Sycamore Street crossing. Date unknown. -Courtesy Cecil J. Smith-


Right: Steam power on freight passing through Campbellsburg. Date unknown. -Courtesy Cecil J. Smith-







Left: Southbound freight rumbles through town, 1970. Right: Splitting the signals near Campbellburg. This location is just railroad south of town. Circa 1970.


Campbellsburg, Circa 1970's. ABOVE: Left and Right: April 1977. Looking along the former Monon right of way through town. BELOW: Right: November 1979. Heart of town. Obviously a good place to take pictures as evidenced by the RailPictures photos below.

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Left: Campbellsburg Indiana, December 2003. CSX on the former Monon passing through town. Photo from . Copyright Curtis Wininger. Right: Another picture from of Campbellsburg. Photo taken by Chris Starns.

Z491 is the CP Rail train southbound approaching the South End of Campbellsburg, October 2000.




Southbound CSX freight passing Sycamore Street, circa 2006





Webmaster's Note: I visited Campbellsburg on May 20, 2005. I took several pictures, however, none I took showed anything different than those already pictured on the site. I still may add a few at a later date.



More photos. Left: October 2003. UP SD70M rolling south through the town. Chris Kilroy photograph. Right: SD70M splitting the signals near Campbellsburg, December 2003. Chris Kilroy photograph.

Southbound freight Q687 coming up on the signal near Campbellsburg. June 13, 2006. Still plenty of traffic on the old Monon.





UP freight about 3 miles south of Campbellsburg. Chris Kilroy Photograph.





Campbellsburg area 2022

Pictures by Nathan Miles
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MP 275.3 5th Subdivision -

A post office was established here in 1884. Named for the first merchant, Morgan Smedley. The first postmaster was Henry Smedley.

New automatic signals at Smedley. In the distance is Train #71, the first train after completion. -Lloyd Kimble Collection -








The year is 1963. Southbound Train 5 approaching the crossing at Smedley.







Two view of the former mainline at Smedley, Indiana. Left: Looking north in 1979. Right: Another view of the mainline, circa 1977


Left: June 24, 2004, CSX freight, splitting the semaphores at Smedley, Indiana on the former Monon mainline. B. Holt Photograph. Right: Smedley, Indiana, June 08, 2003. EMD SD60 Soo #6056. A Soo SD60 splits the semaphores at Smedley on the former Monon mainline. B. Holt Photograph.


MP 277.1 5th Subdivision -

The post office established here in 1861 and was originally called Heffren. In 1865 the name was changed to Hitchcock's Station, and in 1882 it became Hitchcock for a local family. William Hitchcock had the first store here. In 1900 the post office was named Oxonia by O. K. Hobbs, apparently honoring residents of Oxford, England, or graduates of Oxford University.

This building was privately owned and served as a grocery story, post office and the Monon station. The tracks are in the foreground. It was torn down in 2000. -Courtesy Of Cecil Smith-





Hitchcock Indiana, circa 1979. Left: Former Monon right of way, looking north. Right: From the same crossing, looking south.


Left: GE C40-8W, CSXT 7778 passing through Hitchcock, Indiana, December 27, 2003 The southbound freight is splitting the blades. Semaphores still abound on the former Monon Mainline. E.M. Bell photograph. Right: UP 4810 and CSX Q686 on a northbound freight splitting the signals, December 27, 2003. Both photos, E.M. Bell.


Left: A northbound freight is about to split the blades at Hitchcock, December 27, 2003. Union Pacific EMD SD70M is leading the way. J.M. Burdette Photograph. Right: CSX 7778 leads at Hitchcock, Indiana, December 27, 2003 as it splits the 'blades' on the former Monon mainline. Chris Starnes Photograph.

Former Monon mainline at Hitchcock. Geoffery Burns took this picture recently.





Mainline at MP 279.2, approximately 2 miles north of Salem, Indiana. Cecil Smith from Salem calls the road pictured, Stinky Factory Road.





Hitchcock appears to be a great location for taking photos. Splitting the signals is always a great subject.




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