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October 15, 1964

On October 15, 1964 at 8:30 a.m. a northbound Monon freight derailed south of Globe Industries.

From the Lowell Tribune, Thursday October 16, 1964.

"Sixteen Monon Railroad cars derailed in Lowell Wednesday morning. The derailment occurred about fifty feet south of the Globe Industries on the outskirts of the town. The 119 car train was non-stop and moving about fourty five miles per hour, its normal rate of speed. One possible cause of the derailment was thought to have been a broken wheel on one of the freight cars.

Loaded tank cars, freight and grain cars were overturned and resting upside down along side the tracks. Unofficial damage estimated by Don Cripe was given to be in excess of $75,000.00. The derailment occurred at 8:30 Wednesday morning. According to Don Cripe, Lowell Station Agent and telegrapher, the derailed cars were carrying furniture, crude oil, soybean oil, clay, corn and soybeans. Cripe stated that the train "broke in half" at the time of the derailment. Engine and front cars continued on to Hammond."

Images of the derailment

These images were acquired from Roy Bryant of Otterbein, Indiana. Mr. Bryant purchased them from the estate of Charlie Leighty, part of the crew of the train.









Thanks to Mahlon "Cookie" Eberhard of Lafayette, Indiana for use of the images posted below. They are also from the Charlie Leighty collection.




Left: I have been told that none of the Monon derricks were able, so the Erie derrick at Hammond came down to clear the wreck. I made inquiries after being told the derrick pictured was not Monon.




Again, my sincere thanks to Cookie for use of these pictures. Copies will be given to the Lowell Library and Tri-Creek Historical Society for their archives.

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