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1910 Dewitts/ Lowell Wreck
June 5, 1910
Added 07-05-2006

1914 Lowell Wreck
May 05, 1914
Last Updated 05-12-2005

1952 Lowell Wreck
May 22, 1952
Last Updated 08-07-2005

1964 Lowell Wreck
October 15, 1964
Last Updated 05-27-2005

1971 Creston Wreck
October 09, 1971
Updated 08-20-2006 New Photos

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Lowell, Indiana And Vicinity Train Wrecks

If not on the top of the list, Lowell, Indiana and the close vicinity must be in the top 5 of accidents and wrecks along the Monon Railroad.

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