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Tom's Mission Statement.

Mission Statement and Disclaimer:

Many people have asked me the reason that have I spent so much time and energy wandering the State of Indiana, basically photographing what is not there anymore. On more than one occasion I haved replied..."just because itís not there."

The Monon Railroad played an important and large part of the Indiana history. The railroad was also a large part of the local communities which it serviced. When the railroad merged into the L & N, and later became part of the Chessie, or CSX, much of the railroad has been abandoned and taken up. Small hamlets like Haskells and Armour were once thriving communities. Today they are lost, or just a point on a map. Bigger cities, like Michigan City or Hammond, once key centers of business and commerce, no longer are serviced by the railroad. Their tracks are either gone, or rusting and silent. Not much remains of the friendly railroad which generations of Hoosiers grew up with.

What originally began as a project to entertain myself and share some moments with my ailing mother has evolved into something bigger. Originally intended as just a look at the northern parts of the railroad, since 2001 the page has been evolving and growing by leaps and bounds. Since 2003 I have been able to visit, or explore, 97% of the former Monon right away and major branches. The work on this web site has also led to my association with the Monon Railroad Historical-Technical Society, Inc. Because of my work on this web site, I was asked in 2004 to take over the Webmaster role for the MRHTS. Today, I am an elected Director of the MRHTS and have other assorted duties as well.

2009 was a very difficult year on me, and as a consequence, the Bygone Places web site. Serious medical issues shelved me for a good portion of the year. I am still dealing with these medical issues, however, one thing is becoming clear, it will be hard to continue my exploring. I acknowldge that I have not updated, or expanded the site in a while and for that I am sorry. My work now is more centered from my residence in South Bend, Indiana. My days of spending weekends on the road wandering Indiana and the former Monon Railroad country are more than likely coming to an end. It has been a fun ride. I appreciate all the support and publicity that the site has given to me. I hope to continue to add information and features, but time sometimes becomes limited.

Tom's Photograph Statement.

I do not claim ownership of all the images on these pages. Many contributors have allowed me to use their photographs, or written historical accounts. Where known I have given full credit for their contribution. If the original photographer is known, I have given proper photo credit. Where unknown, or no original photographer is known, I have indicated that it was courtesy of the Monon Railroad Historical Technical Society. If anyone identifies a photograph they took and would like it removed, please contact me and I will honor your request. All I ask is that you please send me the page where the photo appears and I will see it is removed as quickly as possible. I recieve photos from many sources and on occasion I make a mistake on photo credits. When known, I will always strive to seek permission or give proper credit to the original photographer.

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