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May 5, 1914 Lowell, Indiana

This accident occurred at the switch near the Washington Street crossing, involving a northbound C, I & L passenger train. There were minor imjuries. See newspaper articles below.


These images are from the photograph collection at the Lowell Library.


On the image on the right, note Cedar Creek. Shortly after this incident the channel of the creek was relocated farther to the east. It was just one of many time the channel of Cedar Creek has been changed through town.

Lowell Tribune, May 8, 1914

"Train No. 4, the fast Louisville-Chicago mail train, on the Monon route was wrecked at this place at 9 o'clock Tuesday morning. The wreck occurred at the Washington Street crossing. The train was running 4 hours late, and in making up time, was passing through town at a high rate of speed, and was derailed by a broken switch."

"A mail sack, thrown from the first mail car in the train, struck the handle of the switch stand, breaking the same off squarely at the shoulder. This left the switch without a lock and the same gradually opened as the train passed over. The cause of the wreck is one of the most peculiar in the history of railroading, and probably never happened before, nor will it ever happen again. In leaving the main track, the front end of the Pullman struck a telegraph pole, which was cut squarely off and entered the car lengthwise and extended through the entire car."

The train was carrying a light load which probably accounts for the few people who were injured."

-From The Lowell Tribune, courtesy of Richard C. Schmal-


Lake County Star, May 8, 1914


"Erhart Bixenman was in Lowell after the five passenger cars were wrecked there Tuesday forenoon, and says it was a miracle that there was no loss of life. Several were somewhat scratched and bruised and one man was severely hurt, but expected to be able to go home that evening. There were only about 50 on the train going north, nearly all boarding the cars at West Baden, and when the crash came the train was behind time and running at a great speed."

-Courtesy Lowell Public Library and Darlene Rigg-


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