MP B 101.7 2nd Subdivision -

Patton Indiana, April 7, 1977. Looking towards the south along the mainline.





Another picture looking south along the mainline at Patton. April 1981. I hope to have more information on Patton listed here soon.





Pattons 2006


Pattons 2006. Left: Looking railroad north along the former right of way from the former crossing at 1100N. Right: 1100N crossing looking railroad south.


Left: The crossing at 1100N. You are looking railroad south. Right: Besides the sign, not much left to denote a town.


Looking railroad north from the former crossing at CR 1000N. This location is between Patton and Yoeman.





M.P. B 104.4 - 2nd Subdivision -

Yoeman was also known as Lenox. The station was listed as Lenox on Timetable #4 Louisville, New Albany and Chicago in 1884 until 1924 when the station was listed as Yoeman. The community was established in 1879 and platted in 1880. The name comes from Colonel S.N. Yoeman, one of the contractors associated with the building of the Indianapolis Delphi and Chicago, through his firm of Yoeman, Hegler and Company. He also became involved in the ID&C, including its change to standard gauge after acquistion by the LNA&C. The depot was constructed in 1902.


Left and Right: The Yoeman depot, dates unknown. -Courtesy Gene Cassman-

Yoeman Depot. Date unknown. -MRHTS Photo Archives-


Birds eye view of Lennox and Yoeman, date unknown. Both photos were taken from the elevator. Left: Look real close on the depot and you will see the name Lennox. On the Right is the depot with the sign board Yoeman. No date on either photo. When the name was changed, the Lennox sign was removed and the other side was lettered for Yoeman and put back up. -Ron Marquardt Collection and MRHTS Collection-


Signalman Wayne Gorham and his motor car at Yoeman, circa 1950's early 1960's. The depot is to the right side of the photo.







Left: Looking to the north along the mainline at Yeoman, Indiana. April 1981. Right: Old concrete piling along the mainline at Yeoman. Photo has no indication of what they were once used for.



Left: Yeoman, April 1981. Looking south along the mainline. Right: Another picture from Yeoman. Looking south (I believe.) .

Yoeman, Indiana. Circa late 1970's






Left and Right: Two additional view of the mainline at Yoemans.

Yoeman 2004


Left: July 2004. A basketball court now sits on the former Monon mainline. Looking to the railroad south. Right: Looking to the railroad north, towards Monticello. The mainline is overgrown with grass and weeds.


Left: Downtown Yoeman. Main and Railroad Streets. This location is north of the former mainline. Right: Looking towards the railroad south. The tracks are gone, so is the elevator pictured above. White specs are raindrops, not aliens.

MP B 105.8 2nd Subdivision -


Left: Mainline looking north, April 1981. Right: Mainline looking south.

Sleeth 2006


Sleeth circa 2006. Not much to look at today. Left: You are looking railroad north back towards Monticello. Farmers have reclaimed the former right of way. Right: Looking railroad south down the right of way.


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