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Pictures by Nathan Miles of
2019 Sheridan

The first pioneer cabin in Adams Township was built by George Boxley around 1828. Twelve years later, he settled on Pioneer Hill in Sheridan. His cabin was his refuge from bounty hunters and still stands in Sheridan as a symbol of his escape after allegedly fomenting a slave revolt in Virginia. The town was originally called Millwood and several years later was changed to Sheridan after Civil War General Philip H. Sheridan. The post office was named Sheridan when it was established in 1871.


Sheridan, Indiana depot in better days, circa early 1950's. Passenger service was still in operation. Note condition of the platform and paint job on the depot.






Left and Right: Sheridan Indiana depot. Picture to the right show the depot while regular passenger service on the Indianapolis branch was still in operation. On the right, the depot post L&N merger.


Left: Sheridan depot, circa November 1979. Battered and worn. Right: Another view of the depot, circa October 1976. In each picture, the depot looks in dire need of repairs and a fresh coat of paint.

Two shots of the Indiana Condenses Milk Company, later Wilson Milk Company at Sheridan. The photo to the left is circa 1930's. The photo to the lower right we believe is crica 1950 or early 1960's. The Indiana Condensed Milk Co., founded and first established In Sheridan, began activity in Lebanon in 1913 when it bought and received milk from Boone County dairymen at a receiving station on West South Street. The milk was then transferred to Sheridan for processing. The company was founded by William Taylor Wilson, a Sheridan resident, and it’s products, sold in half-pints and pint tins with blue and white labels, became widely known as Wilson’s evaporated or condensed milk.








It is late in the steam era. Monon #286 working over the grass covered tracks in Sheridan, August 1942. The H-6 2-8-0's ruled the Indianapolis line freights.





Southbound freight passing through Sheridan, circa 1971.





Monon Steam engine #410 at Sheridan. Date unknown. This image is from the Charles Huffer Collection.




Southbound freight passing through Sheridan, circa 1971.





Switching at Sheridan, 1970. Alco C420 #506 switching at the elevator.





Sheridan, April 1981. Looking towards the north along the former mainline.







Left: April 1981. Looking along the mainline at the Hightshue Brothers Purina Chows Feeds. Right: Looking along the mainline towards the south.



South of town. Looking toward the south (Indianapolis) along the mainline.





Sheridan 2011

CSX abandoned the former Indianapolis Subdivision and the tracks south of Monticello were removed. What remains are old roadbeds and other reminders.


NEW 03-18-2011 Left and Right: The Monon Railroad is not the only entity no longer serving Sheridan. The HippodromeTheater once served this community. Many towns and cities along the Monon boasted opera hourse or theaters. Like the railroad, many of them have fallen silent too.


On the north side of Sheridan. Old right of way is still visible.



Left and Right: Downtown Sheridan. Looking north towards Monticello along the former right of way. The elevator is still in business, however, no rails reach it. The former depot location was southeast of where these pictures were taken. Today, a service station occupies the land.


Left: Looking up the old line from 10th and Bailey Streets. As you can tell by the clouds, that day proved to be a rather wet one. Right: Same location, former right of way looking towards Westfield and Indianapolis.

Looking down the former Monon right of way near Biddle Park. This part of the former Monon is being proposed as part of the Monon Trail project.






Left, Right and Below: The Sheridan depot still exists. It had been moved two miles west of town on State Road 47, where it sits on private property. Please ask permission before tresspassing. Left: View from the end of the driveway. Right: Looking down the front of the old depot. Below: Close up of the sign above the window.




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