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James Sutton Photos

The photos on this page are courtesy of Mr. John Sutton, who lived in West Creek Township near Lowell. All were taken the morning of the accident. Thanks to John and Kenneth Sutton for allowing them to be used here.

(Click on image to view it full size. We have tried to improve the faded photos using photoediting software.)


Left: Wreckage strewn all over the right of way at the Commercial Avenue crossing. Right: Boxcars piled up on top of the former depot.


Left: Fire units remain on the scene. This photo you are looking south from Washington Street. Right: Heavily damaged tracks and wrecked tank cars that had caught fire after the crash.


Left: More scenes of the damaged cars. Right: Clean up on the crossing please?


Left: Looking south from the Washington Street crossing. Right: More of the damaged cars at the Commercial Ave. crosing.


Final two photos: Left: The crossing with damaged cars. Right: Piled up like cordwood.

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