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Lowell, Indiana. Mile post 44.8 along the Monon Railroad. The morning of the derailment, the freight train was southbound from Chicago.





Downtown Lowell Close Up

Map not drawn to scale. Shows key buildings and locations.

(1.) Monon Depot (Destroyed by fire) (2.) Hepp Tavern (3.) Haberlin Vehicle (4.) Gas Station (5.) Hardings Inc. (6.) Hepp Residence (7.) Hall Residence (8.) Schmal Residence (9.) Mobil Gas Station (10.) American Legion (11.) Triangle Park (12.) Wilbur Lumber




Closeup map by Buzzy Productions

Aerial Photograph Of Crossing

Numbers on photo correspond to those on map above.

Commercial Avenue crossing. Toward the top left of this picture is the Commercial Avenue bridge. Alcohol from the tank cars entered sewers and made its way into Cedar Creek. According to Jim Baker, Lowell Firefighter, the burning alcohol made it as far south as the bridge by the Legion Building. Several inaccurate reports, the morning of the wreck, had the creek burning as far south as Oakley Street, however, according to Firefighter Baker, it never got south of the bridge. The American Legion parking lot, between the tracks and the building, were awash in molasses, fuel oil and canned meats. It is reported that the Lake Dalecarlia Fire Department threw away their hoses instead of attempting to clean them afterward.

Aerial photograph Lowell, Indiana...circa 1955. Original photo by Clyde Williams and Associates, South Bend, Indiana. Courtsey Of The Town Of Lowell.

Digitally reproduced by Firebird Productions, Wheeler, IN.

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