Charles Van Nada

Mr. Charles Van Nada, prominant Lowell resident was awoken the night of the wreck by the sound of explosions. Like many other citizens, Mr. Van Nada ventured out to see what was happening. He brought along his movie camera and shot some footage of the fire and later that morning the cleanup and removal of the freight cars. Labor Day 2001, I had a chance to speak with Mr. Van Nada and I learned of his movie collection. Mr. Van Nada agreed to me using his home movies for my website and any other projects associated with the Lowell Monon wreck. It has taken some time, but we were finally able to get the movies and have them converted into digital and video formats.

I would like to thank Mr. Tony Diaz of WTV Video for transfering the movies to video tape. Mr. Diaz and WTV Video is committed to perserving Northwest Indiana's history and heritage through video programs. Please visit his website.

The movies are in .mpg format. Since there is over 8 minutes of film, I have broken it down into 11 segments. They are large, so it may take some time to load. Those without mpg viewers, or Windows Media players will be unable to view this movie. I am working on getting the file converted to avi, and QuickTime movie.

The Fires Burn (2.2 MEG)

1. Clean Up (2.9 MEG)

2. Clean Up (1.3MEG)

3. Clean Up (2.3MEG)

4. Clean Up (1.5 MEG)

5. Clean Up (1.4 MEG)

6. Clean Up (3.3 MEG)

7. Clean Up (2.4 MEG)

8. Clean Up (1.6 MEG)

9. Clean Up (1.5 MEG)

10. Clean Up (610 K)

Warning! These Are Large Files

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