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MONON Equipment moving to the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum (HVRM)



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Caboose 81532 and Business Car #2 are presently sitting on a siding in Dubois IN.
They have passed NS inspection and will most likely be moved to the NS interchange in Huntingburg on Sunday (10/29/2023).

The cars are still in Dubois, Indiana awaiting the FLSR to move them to Huntingburg (11/5/2023).

Our caboose and business car will be moved to Jasper, from Dubois tomorrow (11/16/2023). They will remain at Jasper
until NS contacts the Dubois County Railroad. Then the cars will be moved to Huntingburg for interchange to NS.

Cars moving to NS Huntingburg Yard (11/20/2023).  NS will pick up tomorrow 

Both Cars moved to NS Yard at Huntingburg, IN today (11/23/2023). 

Here is the latest (11-29-2023). The cars are in Louisville on track IY04 and are classed to Elkhart.
They were brought in by 125D927 and will be picked up by 336TA30 tomorrow headed to Cincinnati.

Seen on the Hoosier Valley Facebook page

The cars are on NS 174 headed to Fort Wayne this morning (12/1/2023).

  Video on Facebook HVRM Page:    Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum

They made it to Elkhart, IN last night. Can be seen on Virtual Railcam 00:08 to 00:09 today (12/2/2023)

Members only unfortunately.

Here are some pics:


(12/4/2023) The cars did not move last night as planned.

However now NS says they will be on train 303 leaving around midday today (12/4/2023).



  Video on Facebook HVRM Page:    Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum

Most likely stay in Argos tonight and then hopefully to the CKIN interchange in Thomaston tomorrow.


The latest information is that the cars will be moved to HVRM on Monday or Tuesday.

  Video on Facebook HVRM Page:    Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum

The cars should arrive Monday morning at the HVRM interchange. So they should be on the property mid day.

The Caboose and Business car arrived at the museum this morning.  The business car was put into the shop, out of the weather, and locked up.

Arrival to HVRM (12/11/2023), Mission accomplished.


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