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"Long Live The Monon!"

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  Left to right:  
  Panoramic view of the west yard and the enginehouse.  
  Tower at Clay City.  
  Rare photograph of the Monon depot in New Albany, Indiana.  


  Left to right:  
  Looking south down the Monon past Wade Junction Tower.  
  Side view of the tower.  
  The bridge is on the C & O line. Line shack, or one time depot, at
Jordan on the I&L Branch.


  Left to Right:  
  Wreck train coming back from Delphi, date uknown.  
  Another photo of the wreck train.  
  One of the Monon derricks at Monon, Indiana.  
  Brakeman Ralph Remaly riding on side of rider car on train #44.  


  Left to right:  
  Caboose on southbound freight, Monon, Indiana.  
  Visitors inspect coach on the Centennial Train.  
  Indianapolis Belt Junction, circa 1940's. Steam locomotive #285.  
  South Hammond Yard.  


   Left: Monon Train #12 making a stop at Monon, Indiana  
   Right: Monon Train #12 arriving at Monon, Indiana.  


  Left to right:  
  Monon, Indiana 1950's. Northbound #6 starting around the curve
at Monon. Note clearance car on siding.
  Rail and Tie Plant, Monon, Indiana.  
  Another view of the Rail And Tie Plant at Monon, Indiana.  
  West Yard in town at Monon, Indiana
I wonder if this is one of the many former Monon speeders that have
been restored?


  Left to right:  
  Monon 602 and Switcher 12, on the "hill" at Lafyette Shops.  
   Monon F3 82A on Train 5 at Monon, Indiana.  
   Train #11 at Monon. Note smashboard at the crossing.  
   Train #6 pulling out of the station at Monon, crossing Highway 421.  


  Left to Right:  
  Northbound Train #6 passing through the south yard at Monon, Indiana.  
  Picnic excursion arriving at Monon.  
  According to Cookie, this special was Train #1. It continued on north to
Michigan City, Indiana.
  Great shot of the Monon Hotel as Train 6 rounds the curve at Monon.  
  Another shot showing the Hotel. Today, all that remains is part of the foundation.  


  Left to right:  
  Action at Monon, Indiana 1950's. Arrival of Train #6 with F3 81B on the lead.  
  Northbound Train 6 passing the south yard at Monon, Indiana. F3 83A leads.  
  Southbound rounding the curve at Monon. Train 6, northbound picks
up passengers and mail at Monon, Indiana.
  F3 84B on the point. BL2 on local freight approaching the depot at
Monon on the Indianapolis line.


  Left to Right:  
  Pictures from a derailment near Thornton, Indiana.  
  Pictures from a derailment near Thornton, Indiana.  
  The damaged locomotives at Ash Grove.  
  Cookie believes this photo was taken at McDoel Yard in Bloomington  


  Left to right:  
  Train 5 south of the depot at Monon. This train has just left the depot at Monon.  
  Southbound freight passing through the west yard at Monon, Indiana.  
  Northbound picnic special on the Michigan City Branch.  
  Northbound passing through the south yard at Monon.  


  Left: Steam Locomotive #66 at the North Street Depot 1914. Engineer William A. Orr, Fireman George Fox.  
   Right: Wash Rack at Lafayette Shops.  


After World War II rather than wait for newer streamlined passenger cars, the Monon Railroad purchased several Army hospital cars. The Lafayette Shops, beginning in January of 1947 started converting these former Army cars into streamlined passenger equipment.


  Interior shots. Left to Right:  
  What the inside of the hospital cars looked like prior to removal of
the bunks, bulkheads and fixtures.
  After gutting, the Lafayette craftsmen start the rebuilding process.  
  Craftsmen turn the hospital cars into streamlined passenger equipment.  
  Far Right: Army Hospital Car USA# 84388 sitting at Lafayette, Indiana.  


  Left to right:  
  Looking at the bar end of a completed Diner-Bar-Lounge car.  
  The Dining section of the Diner-Bar-Lounge.  
   Railroad publicity shot of one of the coachs on its maiden voyage.  


  Left to Right:  
  Two looks at Monon's Trailer Maid TOFC trailers. 1st version.  
  Two looks at Monon's Trailer Maid TOFC trailers. 2d version.  
  Pictures of a fair in Lafayette, along 5th Street real close to the tracks.  
  Pictures of a fair in Lafayette, along 5th Street.  


3 Left: Wash out at Ockley along the Indianapolis Line. Right: Westfield, Indiana.


Right to left: Series of images showing the demolition of the old smokestack at the Shops.
Cookie was unsure of the date that this structure was brought down.


  Left to right:  
  A favorite among Monon fans. Famous Boxcar #1.  
  Cookie refered to the car on the left side of the picture as a "clearance" car.  
  The Monon was one of the earliest railroad to put trailers on flatcars. Here are the three types of trailers the Monon used.  


  Left: Train #5 arriving at Monon Indiana. Hap Meridith is handing up the
orders.  Chet Lutes baggageman is in the foreground of the photo.
Date unknown, but it is obvious it was sometime after 1953.
  Right: Flagman Jim Brown standing alongside Coach 21 on Train #6
at Monon, Indiana. Date unknown.


Left to Right: Elevated gate tower in Hammond, circa 1940's Downtown Hammond Indiana Depot.

Pictures of a derailment that happened near Thayer, Indiana. February 1957. The train was the southbound #5, enroute to Louisville.


Left: Lead locomotive #81. Right: Express Mail car #2209, a former Troop Sleeper or Kitchen Car.


  Left to right:  
  Close up of damaged rail joint.  
  Inspection and repair of the mainline.  
  Baggage Car #101.  
  Looking south along the right of way at the scene.  


  Left: Steam Locomotive #39.  
  Right: Washington Street, Delphi, Indiana. Watchman John Cook
standing with other railroad men. Note LNA&C boxcar to left.


  Left to right:  
  Postcard of Rensselaer, Indiana depot, early 1900's.  
  Gibson RR YMCA Hotel and roundhouse, Gibson, Indiana.  
  McDoel Yard, Bloomington, Indiana.  
  Front of the limestone Bloomington, Indiana depot.  


  Left to right: Monon, Indiana  
  Train 6, leaving the depot, crossing Highway 421.  
  Train 6 heading north approaching the yard.  
  Train 5 approaching Highway 421 and the depot.  
  Train 5 gliding to a stop.  


Left to Right: Photos of the wreck train returning from the Delphi wreck at Monon, Indiana..


  Left to right:  
  Local #46 coming into Monon off the Indianapolis Line, it is at
the East Pass
  Local #45 starting around the curve at Monon.  
  Local freight moving tonage through the west yard at Monon, Indiana.  
  Another local heading north off the Indianapolis Line.  


  Left to right:  
  By the dawns early light? BL2 35 on the lead of the local at Monon.  
  Track gang working hard on the mainline.  
  Northbound Train 6 approaching Monon Creek, south of the depot.
Monon, Indiana
  Train 6 rounding the curve passing the depot and hotel.
Monon, Indiana


  Left to Right:  
  These three images are from the same incident. Cookie has no idea where
this wreck happened, or when. If anyone out there can identify the date
and location, it would be appreciated.


What remains of one of the F units involved in the Ash Grove wreck.


  Left to Right:  
  Monon, Indiana enginehouse.  
  Monon piggyback trailer and flat car, surrounded by Monon employees.  
  What was left of the Monon, Indiana depot. Cookie remembers this day
all too well.
  Continuing with our wreck theme for this batch of pictures, workers clear
a derailed tank car at Rennselaer, Indiana.


  Left to Right:  
  Monon Centennial poster at the depot in Bloomington.  
  The northbound has just crossed the diamond with the GTW.
Haskells Indiana.
  Wallace Junction.  
  Steam power on the I&L Branch at Patricksburg.  


  Left to Right:  
  Old farmers cattle bridge north of Lowell, Indiana.  
  Looking south along the Michigan City branch towards the depot in Monon.  
  Indianapolis Branch at Monon, Indiana.  
  Local freight working at Monon, Indiana. This looks like the north yard.  


  Left to Right: Monon, Indiana  
  Another shot taken at a crossing.  
  BL2 working a local.  
  Right: Our final shot at Monon. Northbound about to cross Monon Creek.  

"Long live the Monon"

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