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The MONON Documents and Papers 2


Annual Locomotive Repair Form


Form 1287 Annual Locomotive Inspection And Repair Form, May 26, 1937
- Courtesy Mahlon Eberhard-

Appointment as Agent

This document, generously donated for use by William "Sunny" Smith, is the official appointment his Grandmother, Bessie Shaw was presented with when appointed Ticket Agent with the MONON Railroad at LaCrosse, Indiana.

Birthday Card


MONON Birthday Card

Left: Front cover. Right: Inside of the card. Back of the card was blank.

Business Cards

V. C. Hall Director Of Personel

Does anyone else have employee pictures or business cards to post?

- Courtesy of K A Weller

  General Agent and Traveling Freight Agent Business Cards, circa 1962.
  Note the MONON herald and "The Road On The Move."
  -Max Foltz Collection-

Chicago RR Fair


Click on image to view PDF file

  On the left: 1948 Chicago Railroad Fair Program In PDF Format.
  Right: Advertising flyer for the 1949 Chicago Railroad Fair.
  - Tim Swan Collection

Employee ID


  MONON Employee ID Card, Form 700.
  This card was his grandfather's ID card when he worked for the MONON Railroad.
   - Courtesy of Tim Woolten.






Form 855, MONON Envelope. The envelope measures, 5 inches by 11 1/2 inches.
-Tom Kepshire Collection-


Form 191

Chicago, Indianapolis and Lousiville Railroad

September 12, 1899


CI&L form 191. September 12, 1899 Courtesy Mahlon Eberhard.

Form 482


Form 482 Time Return And Delay Report Of Engine And Train Employees.

Freight Reciept

  Louisville, New Albany & Chicago Railroad 1894 Freight Reciept.
   -Courtesy Tim Swan-




LNA&C Waybill
Jeff W. Michaels Collection



  One of the many designs of MONON matchbooks. Just remember to close cover before striking.
  Image courtesy of Tim Swan. Click on image to view full size.







  MONON Menu. Elmer Sulzer Collection
  Courtesy of Max Foltz. Click on image to view full size.





Register Log


  Louisville, New Albany & Chicago Register Log, Crawfordsville, Indiana. May 13, 1901.
  -Courtesy Tim Swan-









Report on a missing brakeman. No date listed on report. -Courtesy Tim Swan-




Switch List for a Stone Quarry

Courtesy Of Lance Mindheim


Notice the WSCO reporting marks. That sure sounds like private cars for the Woolery Stone Company. The second card shows a movement from Adams quarry to the Woolery Mill. According to maps, the Adams quarry was on a long spur (more like a branch) running from Clear Creek, down to Sanders at which point there was a switch back into the industries. This branch was actually the old mainline before the wash out. While there were a lot of Woolery mills in the region, none were on that branch. This means that this particular car movement (Adams to Woolery) was probably several miles long.

Train Order


Chicago, Indianapolis & Louisville Railroad 1903 Train Order. -Courtesy Tim Swan-







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