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  Membership Information

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The Monon Railroad Historical Society, Inc. operates on a calendar year basis, from January 1 to December 31. To become a member of the Monon Railroad Historical-Technical Society, Inc.print the application and return it, with check or money order, to our Membership Chairman. Please be patient. We are still a volunteer organization, but we will make every attempt to process your membership or renewal as fast as possible.

Yearly all membership levels include:
Monon Railroad Historical-Technical Society Membership
Yearly Calendar
3 The Hoosier Line magazines
1 News and Timetables magazine

For more information email:

Monon Railroad Historical-Technical Society, Inc.
Membership Information and Policies

The Monon Railroad Historical-Technical Society, Inc. (Monon Society) offers, yearly, five year and lifetime classes of
memberships. All membership classes except Regular help provide support and funding for: 1) the purchase and upkeep
of archival materials, 2) the restoration and maintenance of currently-owned railroad equipment, 3) the purchase of
additional railroad equipment, and 4) the unkeep and expenses of the Monon Society headquearters at Salem, Indiana in
The Depot Museum. The Regular Membership classes only cover the actual costs of the publishing and mailing of The
Hoosier Line magazine and calendar. Your membership is the most important asset of the Monon Society. It indicates
your support and helps finance the railroad historical work in which the Society is involved.

The Monon Society operates on a calendar year basis (Jan. 1st to Dec. 31st) and payment for all yearly membership
classes is due by January 1st. All membership classes receive the same publications during the year.

Membership payments need to be made only once per calendar year. If you should make more than one payment in a
calendar year, the excess amount will be applied to your membership for the following year. Membership Application
Forms are sent with every publication mailing as a reminder to you to renew, or for you to pass on to someone else who
might be interested in joining the Monon Society.

You may renew your membership or start a new membership by filling out the Membership Application Form and sending
a check to the address listed on the form.
You may also renew or start a new membership ONLINE at:

The top line of the mailing label on The Hoosier Line magazine envelope you receive indicates the status of your membership.
The first number listed on the top line is your membership number, which was assigned to you when you originally joined the
Monon Society. The second number listed is the last year your current Monon Society membership is valid. If the second
number is not the current year or later, your membership has expired. In that case, please consider renewing your
membership. The third entry listed on the top line indicates your current membership class.

New Membership Policies

As of January, 2017, the following membership policies were voted into affect by the Monon Society Board:

1)   The Monon Society now offers a Five-Year Membership at a 20% discount for five different membership classes.
2)   The effective start date for the newly-established membership rates is April 15, 2017.
3)   The due date for all yearly membership renewals for the following year is December 31st each year. Membership
       renewals received after that date may result in a loss of one or more The Hoosier Line issues.
4)   If membership renewal is received with insuffucuent funds, the Monon Society will hold the renewal application
      and notify the applicant of the shortage.
5)   Any issues of The Hoosier Line not shipped due to late payments or insuffucuent payments for membership
       renewals, shall not be provided free of charge.
6)   Any change of address information must be received in a timely fashion to insure delivery to the correct location.
      Any issues of The Hoosier Line not sent to the incorrect location shall not be provided free of charge.

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