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This area is set up for modelers to show case their efforts and craftsmanship. To have a photo of your model considered, please send a jpg image and description of the model, or models to the Webmaster . We will try an post all submitted pictures.

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Roger Nultons S Scale Monon

Roger's present layout has been under construction for 5 years and he estimates that it is 40 percent completed. Most of the scenery is roughed in, but only 15 percent of the building are completed. The layout features 200 feet of mainline track and about 90 turnouts. This layout was featured in the MRHTS Publication, The Hoosier Line, Volume 30, Number 3


The sleepy town of Ellettsville.

Muessel Beer refer sits at Gosport.



  Photo Left: Gosport Junction.

Photo Right: Arriving at Greencastle.  






Steve Dolzall's Modeling

Modeling by Steve Dolzall. Photo taken by Gary Dolzall on his HO scale layout.


Left: F3 #204on coal drag. Right: F3 # 64A.


Left: F3 #85B. Right: FM #18.


Left: NW2 #17 Right: SW #6


Bob Anson's Steam Locomotive #445


Some great work done by Bob Anson. This model started life as an O scale Boston & Maine steam locomotive. Bob made this model for one of his clients. He made all the decals in his home on his computer. Thanks Bob for sending these photos. I would love to see more of this locomotive.


Clay Stuckey's N Scale Layout


Some pictures of Clay Stuckey's quarry on his N scale layout.  You can't be hooked on Quarry research and not get hooked on the Monon down here. Thanks to Clay for sharing his photos with us.



Warren Dibbs HO Scale Layout

  These photos were taken on the HO layout of the Gold Coast Model Railway Workshop, the
   model railroad club I belong to in Queensland, Australia. The layout is largely Australian
  themed, there are spearate sections that have been built and scenicked for U.S., European
  and British modelers. The club's exhibition layout has the theme of "Uniting Nations." I am
  the only Monon fan in the club, but all our members are now aware of The Hoosier Line!
  The passenger shot was taken on the U.S. section, which occupies one side of the layout.
  -Warren Dibbs, Queensland, Australia-











These photos were submitted by D Kent Overholser of his O scale Monon layout and equipment.




Looking good Mr. Overholser.




These photos were submitted by Robert Lennertz of his HO scale Monon layout. Left: RS-2 #29 Atlas setting out a hopper. The RS-2 is custom painted. Right: Caboose 81525 (Overland Brass) on the end of a local freight.



  BL2 #36 (Proto 2000) approaching Monon with a short local. Tom Kepshires 16 x 10 feet,
  L-shaped shelf layout depicting the town of Monon, Indiana.





Joe Land, of Switz City, Indiana submitted this image. Pictured are a reworked F7 to a Monon F3 and a BL2.  







  Here is some modeling work from a Monon modeler in Toledo Spain. Pictured is a Life Like BL2
  This model is part of a layout under construction by Marcelo Szkatulak. Marcelo is a member of
  the MRHTS List Server and we look forward to him joining the Society. With two members in the
  United Kingdom, can we establish a European Chapter?









Left: Another shot of Marcelo's Monon BL2, #36. Right: BL2 and Lima Alco C420 pictured on the layout currently under construction. Keep up the good work Marcelo. Would you like to know more on Marcelo and see more of his work, check out the Small Layout Scrapbook.


Kameron Miller's Monon Scale Car #80020. Kameron made it from an article in Railroad Model Craftsman Magazine from October 1967 (His birthday month and the first issue of RMC that he bought) done by Jim Boyd on the Monon. I had no dimensions so I used things in the photo that had pretty standard dimensions to go by, being the coupler, trucks and wheel journals. The model is built from sheet styrene, with the only commercial parts being a set of Monts' decals, Detail Associates wire, Kadee Couplers, and a Wheel set from I forget who, Tichy Train Group? and spare stuff I had (brake wheel and air cylinder). The rivets are from a nail punch.


Left: Kameron's scale car. Right: End view of the car.

Bottom of the car. Bottom line, Kameron did a great job on this model. Please share some more images of other projects Kameron.


Okay. Talk about the ying and yang of modeling railroading. Here are some pictures of a Monon F3, built by Steve Stafford for operation on New Unionville And Western Railroad, Bloomington, Indiana. Many will recognize the 1/8 scale railroad of Pete Petigo and others. The model unfortunately was sold and is somewhere else.


Two new views of Steve's 1/8 scale Monon F3.


  One word describes this 1/8 scale Monon F3..beautiful.







The model in operation on the New Unionville And Western Railroad. Left: Crossing Waterfall Bridge.


Vern Sargent's Z scale Monon layout

Vern Sargent's, of Putnamville, Z scale layout. The 2' x 3' layout fits inside one of his closets.



Left and Right: Vern's Z-scale Monon F unit in operation on his home layout. Looks like Vern has done a good job on his layout so far. Keep those pictures coming Vern. We will be happy to include them here.


Monon Railroad Historical-Technical Society member Jack K. Frame, of Raleigh North Carolina, sent me several pictures from his HO scale layout. His 1952 era layout was featured in the July/ August issue of Model Railroading magazine.



Left: Modeling O scale by Kevin Heggi. F3 A-B's custom painted by Kevin. Right: Monon RS-2 #25 available from Lionel.

Monon Rider Car custom painted by Kevin.


Here is a great looking model of Monon Gondola 31890. This model comes in kit form from Society Member Chad Boas. Great work Mike.

Mike Aufderheide's 1947-48 era HO Scale layout, depicting Monon, Indiana.

The layout is 2'-6" x 20'-0" free standing layout of Monon, Indiana currently operating. About 1/2 of the structures are done and 2/3 of the base scenery is completed.


Left: Train #49, the Michigan City Branch local spotting a car on the North wye, which I use as a place to spot cars for Chicago. Right: Shows #48 crossing 4th street with part of downtown Monon behind it.


Another picture from Mike's layout. It shows the Dye Lumber with coal sheds.
  The house in the background is a model of my great-grandfathers house.
  Great pictures Mike. Thanks for sharing them.





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