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* 1847: The New Albany & Salem Railroad is organized with James Brooks as president.

* 1854: The NA&S trackage stretches from the Ohio River (at New Albany) to the Great Lakes (at Michigan City).

* 1859: The overextended and struggling NA&S is reorganized as the Louisville, New Albany & Chicago Railroad.

* April 30, 1865: The LNA&C becomes one of twenty railroads to haul Abraham Lincoln's funeral train, from Lafayette, Indiana to Michigan City, Indiana.

* 1881: The LNA&C consolidates with the Indianapolis & Chicago Air Line, and the trackage of the new division is soon extended to reach into its namesake cities.

* July 1, 1897: The LNA&C is reorganized as the Chicago, Indianapolis & Louisville Railway Co.

* 1932: The 300 pound (136 kg) MONON Bell is first presented as the trophy of the annual football matchup between DePauw University and Wabash College.

* 1946: John W. Barriger III becomes President of the MONON, bringing aggressive plans for modernization.

* June 29, 1949: Final day of steam locomotive service, as the MONON becomes one of the first Class I railroads to fully convert to diesel motive power.

* January 11, 1956: The CI&L officially adopts its longtime nickname, MONON, as corporate title.

* 1959: The MONON's passenger service between Chicago, Illinois and Indianapolis, Indiana is discontinued.

* September 30, 1967: Final day of regularly-scheduled passenger train service on the MONON.

* July 31, 1971: The MONON is merged into the Louisville & Nashville.

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