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I consider myself a railroad buff. Others claim I'm a railroad fanatic.
My all time favorite is the former Chicago, Indianapolis and Louisville, otherwise known as the Monon. I grew up along the Monon and have documented the line already on two seperate websites, which are accessable to the right.

Last August I was given a digital camera as a birthday present and ever since one of my favorite activities is taking pictures of trains in and around Indiana. South Bend, Indiana is a great spot for photographing trains. Many of these photos will be on display here.

Use the links on the right to see what all is displayed on this site. My other websites can be viewed by using the toolbar to the right.

Unless otherwise noted, all of the pictures on this website have been taken by me and I consider them my property. If you would like to use any of the pictures, please feel free, just give proper photo credits please.

I hope you enjoy your visit. Thanks.





Indiana Dunes State Park

Indiana Ghost Railroad Lines

Kankakee River

Ringling Brothers Circus Train 2003

South Bend History

South Bend Railroad Pics

South Shore Railroad

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