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Painting Tips For The Monon

Some of the information, listed here, dates back to the old website. I have included it here to provide some helpful information while new resource information is gathered. We hope to update this section as new information is obtained.

This is Courtesy George Sennhauser.

General Electric U23B Paint Information

The General Electric "Painting & Lettering" document 41B512670 dated November 11, 1969 specifies the paint for the U23B locomotives as follows:

  PO -2512 ROAD NUMBERS 601-608
GOLD (SILICONE) NAT'L LEAD #22-948 Car body and exterior lettering
BLACK GLIDDEN #67842 Under frame and trucks
GRAY GLIDDEN #71656 Operator's Cab interior

From Vern Maxson:

Red Scalecoat SF Red
Light Gray Floquil
Dark Gray Floquil
Black Scalecoat Gloss Black
Gold 50% Floquil Bright Gold And 50% Floquil Silver
Green Floquil Pullman Green

This is from Steve Long.

We just received a donation of an original EMD BL-2 print for painting and lettering. Here are the paint chip numbers if you are interested. The first three digits is the type of paint, such as Duco(Lacquer), Dulux(Synthetic Enamel), Lucite(Acrylic-Lacquer). In 1949 the kinds of paint were very limited, basicly (Lacquer and Enamel). Acrylic-Lacquer was introduced in the late 50's and Acrylic-Enamel in the early 70's. Almost all Lacquers are not manufactured and used due to EPA regulations along with Synthetic Enamels. This doesn't mean these chips are obsolete, the colors may still be available in acrylic-enamel and Imron(urethane) these are fleet colors.

If anybody checks at their Dupont Automotive dealer, you might find some good news. All you have to use for reference is the second group of numbers, this is the actual color. Here they are:

Black 254-2234 Dupont Duco (Lacquer)
Gold 261-30690 Dupont Duco
White 254-1 Dupont Duco
Red 254-9089R Dupont Duco
Gold 50% Floquil Bright Gold And 50% Floquil Silver
Black 88-762 Dupont Dulux(Synthetic Enamel)

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