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The Monon Railroad Historical-Technical Society, Inc. was formed in the mid-1970s as a not-for-profit organization exclusively for educational purposes by a group of individuals interested in preserving the memory of the Monon Railroad. The three main purposes of The Monon Society, as it has become known, are to: (A) Engage in the collection and preservation of information, vestige, and other items of historical or technical interest concerning the Monon Railroad and its predecessor companies or subsidiaries. (B) Engage in research concerning The Monon for educational purposes. (C) Maintain an association of persons having an interest in The Monon.

Our new World Headquarters is located in the birthplace of the railroad, Salem, Indiana, in The Salem Depot Museum. A portion of The Depot Museum's new addition is exclusively for the Monon Railroad Historical-Technical Society, Inc. for Board Of Directors meetings, storage and display of its archives. The entire Depot building will be available for Monon Society use. The Monon Society's world headquarters was previously at Linden, Indiana, north of Crawfordsville, between 1995 and 2013.

Left and Right Below: The Exterior of our World Headquarters
and Depot Museum's restored caboose.



Left and Right Below: The Society's new digs.




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