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Disclaimer: The MONON Railroad Historical-Technical Society, Inc. does not have the employment records of the MONON Railroad. The names and information we have collected in out workers data base has been obtained from many sources, including company memos and documents, senority lists donated by collectors, photos and articles in the Company newsletters. We understand that this list of by no means complete, and try to make sure the information is as accurate as possible.

As they are submitted, we will post images of employees and former MONON workers. Unless otherwise indicated, these images are courtesy of Ken Weller and come from his collection. Where known we will identify those pictured. Anyone with pictures of MONON employees that they would like to have included here, or information that can help identify anyone pictured, please contact the Webmaster, so the picture can be posted, and information passed on.

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Bridge gang building the trestle across the Kankakee River at Riverside early 1900's

Pictured (1) Fred Rosenbaum, and (2). Raymond Adams. 



Left: Steam #57 crew poses at Cataract 1906.

Right: Inspection Train 1912 on the southend, including W.H. Fogg.

Patai Gaugh, the granddaughter of Chester (Chet) Gaugh has been kind enough to sent the Society these photos from Chester's collection.

Thank you Patai for sharing these photos with us.


Left: Bloomington, Indiana. Crew members pose. Chester Gaugh is the man on the left.

Right: Rip Track Crew, Indianapolis Belt Junction Yards, 1932. Can anyone help identify these workers??


Left: MeDoel Yard workers pose on steam locomotive. Unknown date.

Right: Section gang, probably McDoel. Chester Gaugh on the right. Can you identify any other workers?


This photo was submitted by Larry McMindes of the Car Shops workers. Larry adds that of the guys pictures nine have passed away, two are working in Evansville and nine, including Larry are retired.


Ron Marquardt provided these photos of these MONON men. From left to right: Brakeman Burt Driscoll, Brakeman Jack Kennett and W.T. Dickey.

Photos were taken at Lafayette, Indiana in 1971.


  McDoel Yard workers, circa 1927. This image is courtesy of Tanice Hinson and was
  originally posted on the Bloomington Memorial Committee's new web site.





Group photo, circa 1921. Submitted by Ken Weller.







Left: Law Enforcement on the Hoosier Line. Pictured are: W.I. Spitler, Chief Of Police, G. K. Bowman, Inspector of Police, B.B. Stackhouse, Commerce Attorney, Chicago and George B. Patton, Claims Agent, Lafayette.

Right: Group shot at Cataract on the I&L Branch, circa 1906. Known employees pictured are: (left to right) (1) Curtis Orrell-Brakeman, (3) Fred Evans-Engineer, (4) William Sarles-Fireman and (6) T.J. McGuire-Conductor.


Stores department, Lafayette, Indiana. Circa Christmas 1942. With a message to give war bonds for Christmas. Doing their part to help win the war.








  Round House and Car Shops employees, South Hammond, circa 1942.






MONON's bridge department as of 1942. These men appear to be standing in front of the big windows of the Southern's "theater car" at the end of the inspection train.
We believe these men are William Weisenbach (Concrete Foreman), R. F. Hill (Bridge & Building Supervisor), and G. O. Gould (Bridge Foreman).







Left: Boilermakers pose for the camera.

Right: Sheet Metal workers. Both circa 1942.

Electrical Workers, circa 1942.


Left: MONON Railroad Dispatchers, circa June 1949. Please contact the Webmaster if you can identify anyone in this picture.

Right: Lafayette Shops Freight Car workers, November 1942.


Gene Cassman submitted this picture that was copied from a Lafayette Journal and Courier article. The picture dates back to 1914.

Those pictured are (Bottom row - left to right) Louis Young, Otis Connell, Bob Reidlinger and Don Cain. (Back Row - left to right) Ray Pechin, Harry Cassman, Herbert Bonnett, Les Cassman, F. Gephardt and Stephen Protzo. (We apologize for the quality of the picture.)




  MONON Blacksmiths and Helpers, circa 1942, from a MONON Railroad publication.
  Ken Weller Collection.





Here is another photo of workers from a company publication. These are laborers at the Lafayette Shops. Date, November 1942.
Ken Weller Collection.





This photo of MONON workers was submitted by Gene Cassman, from his father's collection. Gene is not sure who took the original photo. Exact date is unknown.
Gene Cassman Collection.

Again, we ask that if you can identify any of the workers pictured, please contact the Webmaster.

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