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The recent mention of Eddie Harrington reminded me of something Eddie did when I was working the New Albany yard job with him in the early 60’s.

He, and our field man, Herman Payne (whose passenger uniform is now displayed at the Depot Museum in Salem), had gotten into some kind of row one morning while riding to work together. They were still at it when we went to work.

We always came out of Louisville and when arriving at the North Wye we would switch our train and the shove down to the freight house.

This particular morning we shoved down there with three cars and Herman had to ride the end of the cars on the engineer’s (east) side of the cut. Herman was riding on a short ladder (because there was no roof walk on that cut) and when we got to the freighthouse, Eddie stopped and we got off and went into the freighthouse.

Unfortunately, it had rained the night before, and the exact place where Herman came to rest there was quite a low spot about a foot deep with water over the rails and Eddie had left poor Herman hanging right in the middle of it. The Engine was, of course, high and dry.

As we kind of passed by him, Herman was screaming bloody murder, but Eddie, being the little Irishman that he was, paid him no mind, and some five minutes later Herman finally gave up and waded out to dry land.

When he came in the building he was wet half way to his knees, but if nothing else it had dampened his ire, because he was rather docile the rest of the day.

By Ronald Marquardt, as written in The Hoosier Line, Volume 28, Number 1


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